A Night in with Nick Hayes

A Night in with Nick Hayes

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A Night in with Nick Hayes

Spend an evening with illustrator, print maker and Sunday Times bestselling author of The Book of Trespass Nick Hayes to mark the publication of The Trespasser’s Companion – a rallying cry for greater public access to nature and a gently seditious guide to how to get it: by trespassing.

We may be excluded from most of our land – no less than 92% in England – but as the 90th anniversary of the Kinder Mass Trespass approaches, Nick shows how we, too, can reclaim our lost connection to nature.

In conversation for this virtual event, Nick will explore how, by engaging with the land through craft, activism and learning – and by caring for it – our relationship with the countryside will be better for us, and better for nature. He’ll consider the connection between the human and the non-human and share testimonials from expert contributors and a whole host of passionate nature advocates including sheep farmers, artists, and land workers – each with deeply personal stories of what a connection to nature means for them.

In The Trespasser's Companion, his ode to what we've lost, and how we can reclaim it, Hayes offers a comprehensive insight into the laws, history and current state of our land, as well as the practical knowledge needed to improve nature, society and ourselves: from the rules and reasons for trespass, to how to forage and wild camp safely, and the power of local environmental campaigning. 

This promises to be a celebratory and urgent event about the land, our access to it and how we can reclaim what is already ours. Do not miss it.

‘This is not a book to sit on your shelf; it will start to howl if you leave it indoors for too long. It wants mud on its spine, leaf litter in its binding, and feathers between its pages. Take it out with you, do some of the things it suggests, find others who are reading the book, go out with them’

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