A Night in with Lilly Singh

A Night in with Lilly Singh

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A Night in with Lilly Singh

Join the YouTuber, award-winning comedian and author, in conversation with Jay Shetty, to mark the publication of Be A Triangle: How I Went From Being Lost to Getting My Life into Shape

Ever wondered what the point of all those school maths lessons about triangles was? Lilly Singh has finally discovered the answer: triangles are the perfect model for building your self-esteem and getting to know your own values. Triangles have a strong base, they're hard to knock-over and always retain their own shape, even when they grow.

'We need to create a home to return to. And when I say home, I'm not talking about a physical place or somewhere where pants are optional. I'm talking about a set of beliefs after a day full of, well, anything. We need to dig a foundation so deep that it will exist and thrive even if our surface-level efforts fail.'

With her incomparable sense of humour and fun, Lilly will explain how she has put the ethos of the triangle to work in her own life and will show how you can do the same. She’ll also touch on her work and career, from being named as one of Forbes' '40 most powerful people in comedy' and one of Vogue India's 'Women of the Year' to being one of the first people of Indian descent to host an American major broadcast network late-night talk show.

Build your self-worth and learn your values with this playful and insightful event; Lilly is like your best friend cheering you on as you find your purpose and get to know yourself.

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