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Elizabeth Day

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Elizabeth Day

Growing up, bestselling author, broadcaster, and host of the hit podcast How To FailElizabeth Day, wanted to make everyone like her. Lacking friends at school, she grew up to believe that quantity equalled quality. Having lots of friends meant you were loved, popular, and safe. She was determined to become a Good Friend. And, in many ways, she did.  

Then, when a global pandemic hit in 2020, she was one of thousands of people forced to reassess what friendship really meant to them. With the crisis came a dawning realisation: her truest friends were not the ones she had been spending most time with. Why was this? Could she rebalance it? Was there such thing as…too many friends? And was she the friend she thought she was? 

In conversation with a very special guest host, Elizabeth will unpick the significance and evolution of friendship to celebrate the paperback publication of her Number 1 Sunday Times bestselling book, Friendaholic: Confessions of a Friendship Addict. From ghosting to frenemies, to social media and communication styles, to the impact of seismic life events, no stone will be unturned as they explore friendships of all shapes and sizes. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your own best friends or newest acquaintances along to this unforgettable evening of intimate, enlightening, and important conversation.

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