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Philippa Perry

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An Evening with

Philippa Perry

20 October 2023 – 27 October 2023

How do you find and keep love? What does it mean to you to be content? Are other people just annoying or are you the problem? 

Answering all these questions and more is Philippa Perry: psychotherapist, broadcaster, the Observer’s sagacious agony aunt, million-copy bestselling author of The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did), and one half of the Perry presenting duo on hit TV programme Grayson’s Art Club. 

Live on stage for these insightful events, Philippa will be offering her trademark sane and sage advice, exploring how to best navigate a whole spectrum of relationships. From family and partners to friends and colleagues, and even your relationship with yourself, Philippa will illuminate how we can functionalise these vital connections so that when life throws us its inevitable hurdles, we might be better equipped to overcome them. 

Celebrating the publication of her latest book The Book You Want Everyone* You Love To Read *(and Maybe a Few You Don’t), Philippa will also be answering your connection conundrums and relationship woes with compassionate advice and a healthy dose of sanity. 

This promises to be a heartfelt, witty, and thought-provoking evening which will gift you the tools to become a happier, wiser person. 

Signed copies of The Book You Want Everyone You Love To Read with (£5 off the RRP) can be pre-purchased before check-out. Pre-ordered copies of the book will be available at the venue.


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